Why Focus On Brain Wellness?

Injuries and diseases of the brain are the fastest growing cause of disability and death in the U.S. - our youth with epidemic numbers of Concussions and seniors with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  Psychiatric and Substance-Use illnesses are rising across all age groups.  Suicides and heroin overdose deaths are skyrocketing. The emotional toll on families with brain impaired relatives is greater than for all other chronic medical conditions combined. Thus, the need has never been greater for a neurologic and behavioral-health wellness solution that optimizes brain cell functioning, preservation, communication and growth while improving brain performance at molecular, cellular and organ-system levels.

The Value of a Healthy Brain

Brain Performance Enhancement

About Brain Performance Enhancement (BPE) 

BPE is a Neuro-Behavioral Health Wellness System that integrates the following three disruptive innovations:

  1. Brain Wellness Best Practices: Precise behavioral, cognitive and therapy routines that can change gene expression, triggering swift and prominent structural and functional brain improvements;

  2. Activation Science: Innovative motivational therapy techniques that jumpstart brain change;

  3. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching: Targeted therapy that sustains adherence and relapse-avoidance.


BPE’s brain wellness proposition is the cumulative effect best practices, activation and coaching working in synch exerts to turbocharge and maintain brain wellness – improving the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. BPE’s requisite evaluation of lifestyle and family history supports personalized medicine - leveraging best prevention strategies and treatment precision.  In select cases, BIP-Inc. utilizes pharmacogenetic testing when prescribing medications.     

BPE certified therapists use field-tested prototypes to treat Pre-early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Concussions, Psychiatric Conditions, and Substance Addiction. Brain Performance Enhancement shifts patients and their families from traditional passive chronic illness paradigms, to proactive ‘can-do’ hopeful mind-sets - key to BIP-Inc.’s brain improving mission. BPE’s goal is to improve the life quality of all brain-challenged persons, and reduce the risk for those genetically predisposed for such.

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