Brain In Play Foundation is committed to saving brains and improving lives, particularly for seniors that are challenged by mild cognitive impairment (MCI) that progresses to dementia(s). This includes any of the neurodegenerative diseases that initially present as MCI and worsen with aging – Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, Alcoholic Dementia and Frontal-Temporal Dementia, to name the most common. What is unfortunate is that to date, decades of clinical medication trials to help those with such dementias have proven disappointing at best.

The  News: The Nobel Prize in Medicine was recently awarded for research unveiling the biogenetic basis for disease prevention, brain and body cell physiology and anti-aging – called epigenetics. Brain In Play’s co-founders combined this Nobel discovery with the latest neuroscience and behavioral-health advances to create a ‘what and how’ therapeutic platform and neurobehavioral technology that optimizes the functioning, communication, preservation, growth and new vascularization of brain cells.

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