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William T. White, MSN, APRN-BC

Bill is clinician-scientist President of Brain In Play Foundation [501(c)(3)] a privately held RI company committed to preventing, healing and improving neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Addiction, Psychiatric Disorders) and concussive injuries. With business partner-wife Katharine, he opened 2 private practice medical offices serving brain challenged patients. For 20 years Bill was COO/CNO at Brown Med School affiliated Bradley Hospital, the nation’s first brain/behavioral-health hospital for youth – while teaching at medical/nursing schools, parenting 5 HS athletes, coaching 3 sports and caring for a parent with AD at home. Previously, Bill directed psychiatric emergency services for two cities, directed inpatient addictions care units and was a consultant for RI’s largest nursing home. An American Academy of Neurology member, he co-originated Brain Performance Enhancement℠, a scientific brain wellness system based on Nobel Prize and peer reviewed neuroscience research.  Bill is primary author of the leading book on concussive injury and scientific brain wellness: Winning the War Against Concussion in Youth Sports.  

Katherine B. White, MSN, APRN-BC, CPHQ

Katharine B. White MSN, APRN-BC, CPHQ is the clinician scientist CEO of Brain In Play International with 40 years of healthcare experience. An advanced practice nurse board certified in brain/behavioral health and member of the American Academy of Neurology, she is a former hospital Chief Nursing Officer and was SVP of Quality at the nation’s first horizontally integrated home health agency. K is a serial entrepreneur - who is a founding member of Coachville®, worked at the nation’s first hospice, and started the first coaching program at a JCAHO accredited home health agency. A past medical-nursing school faculty and national healthcare consultant, she co-developed Brain Performance Enhancement℠ and its related fast-track neuro-epigenetic brain wellness systems to prevent, improve and heal brain diseases/injuries. K co-authored the book Winning the War Against Concussion in Youth Sports – a leading foray into epigenetic body and brain scientific wellness. She is co-architect/director of RI’s first Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Wellness.

Alan Ashare, MD

Alan Ashare MD is Brain In Play’s Medical Director and a global brain and spinal cord injury youth sports safety icon. Dr. Ashare is Chief Nuclear Medicine St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Professor of Radiology at Tufts Medical School with a specialty in disease imaging diagnostics and a core interest in preventing and treating brain injuries and diseases of aging. A serial author, he originated Heads Up, Don’t Duck in the mid-90s and in 2015 released The Mechanism of Concussion in Sports (1st editor). Alan chairs MA’s interscholastic medical sports committee and MA’s Medical Society Sports Medicine Committee. ‘Doc’ served 20 years as Team MD for USA Hockey Junior World Champion Teams and is President of the North American Hockey Equipment Certification Council, Chairs USA Hockey’s National Safety Committee and directs ASTM’s Committee on Medical Biomechanics. A world expert on concussion prevention, he has testified on Capitol Hill before the CDC sponsored Institute of Medicine’s Youth Sports/Military Concussion Committee in 2014.  

Steve Langlois, MPS

Steve is Brain In Play's Marketing Director and brings a diverse history, having worked in the front offices of two major professional sports organizations. His graduate studies at Georgetown University centered around sports concussion management, where he completed his Master's thesis highlighting the emerging benefits of therapeutic systems such as Brain In Play's proprietary Brain Performance Enhancement.

Joel Kaufman, MD

Advisor Joel Kaufman MD is a board certified neurologist and physician executive who is a nationally recognized thought leader in Accountable Care Organizations and neurology policy/quality, chairing 3 American Academy of Neurology national committees. He is the Neurology Resident Clinic’s medical director at RI Hospital, is Associate Professor of Clinical Neurosciences at Brown and is past Executive Director/CEO Lifespan Physicians Professional Services Organization. Dr. K is a fellow of the American Academy of Neurology with expertise in brain injuries/diseases. He is an officer of the RI Medical Society and a national leader in physician training.

Tom Bush

Following achieving his degree in Business management Tom started up and developed multiple small businesses, founding and owning several auto repair/service companies – including owning a Mobile Oil franchise.  Throughout his business career he was committed to several charitable organizations including The Impossible Dream and innumerable individual causes – organizing several golf tourney events for nonprofits. A RI sports/baseball amateur icon, Tom leverages his many sports relationships to lead the way to help others in need.  After selling his multiple entities Tom divides his time between Business Consulting (IT/Automotive) and generously supporting nonprofit foundations.  

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