Parkinson's Disease

We are committed to making the brains and bodies of all individuals with Parkinson’s Disease as high performing, symptom-free, and disease-resistant as possible.

Best practices include skilled-exercise, nutrition, relaxation techniques, stress management and sleep hygiene, along with mood/cognition stimulation and socio-emotionally supportive activities-prescribed a specific number and length of times per week. Indices measuring PD quality of life and motor/non-motor symptoms are tracked before, during and after treatment. CBT coaching emphasizes stress management, solidifying key relationships, developing vital routines and improving behavioral health to best manage PD and limit coexisting medical illnesses.


This new PD medical/behavioral therapy is based on the latest neuroscience, complementing any patient’s traditional PD treatment. BIP will provide patients and families 24/7 access to our new scientific body/brain-wellness App, facilitating new knowledge mastery and sustained adherence to our evidence-based brain-saving/enhancing behavior routines.

Additional Parkinson's Resources

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