Psychiatric Conditions

Only in the last few years has biomedical research caught up with behavioral/mental health illnesses, and seen increasing numbers of research discoveries informing how psychiatric disorders and the symptoms of depression, anxiety, psychotic thinking and unusual behavior are most often the result of chronic brain inflammation and/or neurotransmitter dysregulation. Not unrelated, we have also learned more about the real bio-physiological effects on the brain of stress, lacking sleep and brain wellness best practices in the last few years, than in the previous one hundred. Cures for cancer may have been tantalizingly close, but we had yet to unravel some key treatment basics about major depression, schizophrenia and autism.

The bottom line is that mental/behavioral health or psychiatric disorders are indeed diseases of the brain, with symptoms overwhelmingly explained by the chronic inflammation and toxic oxidant build-up of brain cells, along with decreased cellular immunity. The good news as inferred above is that leading edge clinician-scientists have many more helpful biomedical solutions than we ever thought possible – most of which don’t involve medications.*

At Brain In Play we have originated the top scientific brain wellness solution – called Brain Performance Enhancement or BPE. BPE features the top evidence-based brain wellness best practices and two additional patient-centric cognitive therapy innovations that optimize patient engagement and sustain best practices success. Our therapists are physicians, APRN-BCs and BPE certified coaches who are totally committed to BPE. Why? Because providing excellent, caring scientific brain wellness treatment for psychiatrically challenged populations is not anything about us, but all about you, the client…meeting you wherever you are at, and partnering with you to help you get better as quickly as possible. At Brain In Play we do whatever it takes, using every scientific brain wellness therapy intervention possible.


How we do it

- With our scientific brain wellness system innovation: Brain Performance Enhancement℠ (BPE)

- BPE is a three-part Brain Health-Wellness System based on the latest Nobel and neuroscience research

- BPE is Brain Wellness Best Practices + Patient Activation + Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Techniques

- Our BPE-certified physicians, APRN-BCs and coaches provide total brain care treatment excellence


Why it works

- BPE reduces brain cell inflammation and toxic oxidant buildup, while increasing overall immunity

- This brain physiology improvement happens at molecular, cellular and organ-system levels

- BPE enhances the functioning, communication, preservation and growth of brain cells – for all patients

- Combining our brain and behavioral health innovations leverages top neuro-epigenetic potential

- BPE’s best practices reduce psychiatric symptoms and improve cognition, self-esteem and mood.

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